red head

red head

after quite the polar winter, we’re beginning to get a taste of that elusive spring sunshine down here in the South. today it was 75 degrees + sunny and oh so beautiful; to say I am thankful is an understatement, as my bones and soul really needed that warmth. I’ll be clinging onto this little piece of spring for the rest of this week, as I’m heading up to Boston for my Spring Break trip. Temps are going to be pretty low and layers galore will be necessary. my number one item I’ll be packing is my beloved oxblood beanie (from target; previously mentioned here), so I’ve been combing the internets for some inspiration to make sure that, even when I’m freezing, I’ll be lookin’ fly for all those Harvard boys. red/oxblood/maroon (or crimson if we’re still talking Harvard…)  has become my go to color pop for my otherwise neutral outfits as of late – it’s the perfect touch to bring together any look! what’s your go to color choice to up the anti in your otherwise routine ensembles?

love + Jane

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well, hello there!

The reasons for beginning this little blog are vast and varied. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but, truth be told, I’ve always been a bit nervous. The internet can kind of be a big and scary place. But, fears are being pushed aside and I’m beginning this little blogging adventure. After a five week European study abroad jaunt, I’m home in what could be considered one of the most boring cities, in one of the most boring states, known to man for the remainder of the summer. I felt so inspired by the art, culture, and innate style of the people during my time across the Atlantic, and now that I’m home I’m looking for a way to parlay that inspiration into productivity; enter: blog! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up,” and while it’s not necessarily a professional blogger, I’m hoping investing myself into a little blog project can help me hone my writin’, readin’, and curatin’ skills (but most certainly not ‘rithmetic; Lord knows all hope is lost in that department..). Also, it’s a goal of mine to attempt to focus more on the lovely little things surrounding me rather than what my current longitudinal coordinates lack, so here’s to this little blog being an outlet for that. While I’m trying to focus on this blog being for my own personal growth + benefit, you are sure more than welcome to stick around. Fashion, food, good tunes, musings, and fun await. ‘Cause Jane’s got a blog now, y’all.

love + Jane