summer vibes


summer vibes

happy tunes, many an iced coffee + margarita, beachy waves, sundresses and sandals, and vineyard days. happy summer! on my to do list for the next few months: lots of farmer’s market trips and veggie dinners, avocado popsicles, catching up on Netflix when it’s just too hot outside, the search for the perfect summer hat, music in the park, and even more trips to the vineyard.


Love for Lupita


“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.” Image

it’s been a few weeks now since the oscars, but Lupita’s stunning speech + gown are still sticking with me. her shining eyes and near breathlessness that accompanied her remarkable words were a heartwarming example of inner beauty, compassion, and joy, and she beautifully challenged us all not to let our circumstances halt us from dreaming and achieving. such a deserving lady!

lazy sunday

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lazy sunday
sometimes there’s nothing better than forgoing the sunday morning alarm – and rush to find the right church clothes and get out the door on time –  in favor of having a lazy little sunday morning. my ritual this particular lazy sunday consisted of breakfast accompanied by a great cup of coffee from a pretty french press, a favorite candle burning, a podcast + journaling in my  lovely Rifle notebook, all in my coziest clothes. after my quiet time I turned on some good light tunes (vampire weekend + water liars). here’s to a piece of peace and quiet before a hectic week — happy sunday!

black friday

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black friday
this is as close as I’ll get to participating in the black friday hoopla. except my current version is black yoga pants and a black sweater. claaaassy. if you are one of the mad hatters who braved the cold and the crowds for the sales, kudos to you. however, I feel that I’m the real winner here because madewell has 25% off everything online and free shipping . so that’s really all there is. and guess what, i’m totally buying something black. hope your thanksgiving was relaxing and filled with time with those you love; mine certainly was. we have so much to be grateful for every single moment of every day, so it’s always extra sweet to take a day to really acknowledge and appreciate that fact (over sweet potatoes, duh). but it’s also a great reminder to take a moment every day and remember those things, too. so i’ll be here, in all black, being thankful, buying madewell. and it’s officially officially the christmas season. rejoice – bring out the twinkle lights and the starbucks holiday cups and the cheesy NSYNC christmas tunes! happy weekend!

cheers to fabulous mondays



here’s to a productive and happy monday. after a wonderful weekend trip to my favorite city, it’s quite miraculous that I didn’t hole up in bed all day with post-Nashville blues. but, somehow (read: coffee) I managed and here we are! regardless of your level of productivity (or lack thereof), here’s a little message (via pinterest, duh) to me and you and everyone on this monday. coming up this week on the blog: some pretty interiors, autumn style inspiration (since it’s f i n a l l y getting colder here), and maybe a playlist of good tunes thrown in, if I’m feeling really sassy. which if I channel this lady, I definitely will be.

fall break

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Untitled #7
Today is the happiest of days as fall break has arrived! I’m so lucky to attend a school that gives us an extra long weekend for the sake of some autumn relaxation. I’m roadtripping to the mountains of Tennessee with some of my favorite friends for lots of girl time, hiking, s’more making, and general soaking up of this glorious season. We plan to go to the pumpkin patch, shop downtown, and drink too many pumpkin spice lattes. I’ll be wearing sweaters galore, and adding this great little target hat to everything: 6 bucks and target does it again!. The Head and the Heart’s new album will be on steady rotation – I’ve been listening to it for over a week and have yet to tire of it (“Gone” is my current favorite track). Hoping even if you aren’t on a break this week/weekend that you relax and fit in some of your favorite autumn activities!
love + Jane

Jane with an Autumn Realization


So, remember that time I was going to have a blog? I was going to write and share and be inspired and hope to inspire, etc. etc. Well, it’s like, what, five months later? Oops. The thought of having a blog and doing blog-ish things seemed so exciting and then, life happened, as it often does. School started – which meant lots of socializing and coffee drinking and Netflix watching and the occasional dash of homework. My academic load this semester is less than challenging or inspiring; I rarely have anything to study for, and as great as that sounds in theory, I’m a little bored. So I’m back at the blogging thing with a vengeance, for today anyway. But this time I’m going to do it more of my way. I want to focus on using my voice in all areas of life these days, which is easier said than done, so it shall begin here with the words I type and the thoughts I share.

This (school) year has been a whirlwind already, and it’s only freaking October. There have been some really great highs – some days I feel more secure in who I am and where I am and that’s the nicest thing. There have also been some major lows. We’re talkin’ world getting turned upside down in terms of relationships with both family and friends. Which is sad at times, and certainly scary. But good. And needed. So I’m trying to embrace the change and move forward. We’re alllll about moving forward and embracing the change these days. In doing so I dyed my hair for the first time ever, which, as silly as it may sound, was a huge “letting go” lesson for me, and in the grander scheme of things, I’ve been learning to let myself be content with where things are as I know that Someone knows a bit better than I do how this should all work. So I’m trusting. And trying to do it with as much grace as possible. Some other things, besides grace, that are making this whole thing possible include: Gilmore Girls marathons (seasons 2 + 3, obviously), bagels, road trips for good tunes with good friends, going on runs listening to angry rap (Jay Z + Kanye pandora station, obviously), listening to Taylor Swift after the angry rap (I used to be way to cool to listen to her, but y’all, these days she gets me, and I’m unashamed. That’s not completely true. I’m a little ashamed, but whatever; embrace, Jane, embrace), Sonic blasts with friends (Reese’s with extra Reese’s, duh), front porch swings, many a pumpkin spice latte, and the greatest of friends who, in the midst of situations that make me feel less than loved or appreciated or whatever, remind me otherwise. So yeah, I’m letting myself be ok with things being a little uncertain or different, because in the end, it’s all going to be ok. And if watching You’ve Got Mail three times in one week helps me feel that a little better, then by all means I’m going to make like Kathleen Kelly in the fall in New York and do what I gotta do.

F Scott Fitzgerald said, Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” And first the first time, I really feel that. And it’s only October.

a blog + an introduction

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Seeing as I’m Jane and this is my blog, I suppose I should indulge in some personal facts! Which may or may not be interesting. But I’ll try. Here’s a bit about me..

I’m a natural born observer; I notice anything and everything around me. I try extra hard to focus on the positive and to celebrate even the smallest of life’s gifts.

I drink an absurd amount of coffee and spend a ridiculous amount of time in coffee shops, not only for the coffee but for the people watching as well.

Did someone say people watching? Yep. Don’t mind me, just over here watching these strangers. And loving it. Probably too much. My observational tendencies find their happy place in coffee shops as aforementioned, as well as really any place where people gather. The words and nuances behaviors of people just fascinate me. I love seeing what they wear and what they do and how they do it. I fall in love with strangers a lot. It’s a bit of a problem.

I am passionate about breakfast. I never was the “morning person” until I discovered that mornings mean breakfast. From my favorite plain Cheerio’s + coffee, to pancakes and bacon and omelets and bagels, there really is no time like the mornin’ time. If ya really want to woo me or be my best friend, ask me on a breakfast date.

My immense fascination with ballerinas is only rivaled by my love of skateboarders. My style collides somewhere in between the two. As a broke college student, I’m quite the accomplished Target + bargain hunter.

Like any respectable young American, I spend much too much time online. Pinterest, blogs, shopping, etc. I like to justify this by saying I’m getting “inspired”, though how Netflix inspires me I can’t really say…

I love to travel, especially if it involves roadtripping for good, live music.

I enjoy interior design, reading, dancing in parking lots + the aisles of grocery stores, and the occasional hike.

I own an inordinate number of scarves. And I love to wear them in the summer. Summer scarf haters, get outta here!

I’m a 75 year old woman trapped in a twenty year old’s body. Oldies music + farmer’s markets? Swoooon. Early bedtime and a cup of tea, please.

I’m super indecisive, occasionally anxious, and often not satisfied. When I begin to dream about the “bigger and better” places in the world and wonder what I’m doing in Mississippi, I remind myself that God’s plan for me is unquestionably better than any plan I have of my own. I am learning daily to be content where I am, knowing God has me exactly where I need to be.

love + Jane

in which Jane writes a blog

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well, hello there!

The reasons for beginning this little blog are vast and varied. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but, truth be told, I’ve always been a bit nervous. The internet can kind of be a big and scary place. But, fears are being pushed aside and I’m beginning this little blogging adventure. After a five week European study abroad jaunt, I’m home in what could be considered one of the most boring cities, in one of the most boring states, known to man for the remainder of the summer. I felt so inspired by the art, culture, and innate style of the people during my time across the Atlantic, and now that I’m home I’m looking for a way to parlay that inspiration into productivity; enter: blog! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up,” and while it’s not necessarily a professional blogger, I’m hoping investing myself into a little blog project can help me hone my writin’, readin’, and curatin’ skills (but most certainly not ‘rithmetic; Lord knows all hope is lost in that department..). Also, it’s a goal of mine to attempt to focus more on the lovely little things surrounding me rather than what my current longitudinal coordinates lack, so here’s to this little blog being an outlet for that. While I’m trying to focus on this blog being for my own personal growth + benefit, you are sure more than welcome to stick around. Fashion, food, good tunes, musings, and fun await. ‘Cause Jane’s got a blog now, y’all.

love + Jane