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I am thankful to say that I was raised to believe that wearing leopard print should be an every day occurrence; it is as basic as wearing jeans and a white tee. Both my mother and grandmother are queens of the animal print, and while I never gravitated to the zebra and tiger and other animals of the kingdom, the cheetah thing stuck. Lately, the leopard craze has been in full swing, particularly in the accessories realm. I love it in the form of shoe or bag, giving any outfit a sassy punch. I’ve been wearing these almost daily, and have been lusting after this. These are also a full proof choice — my mom actually wore them to a Katy Perry concert we went to together last weekend. I’m also on the lookout for a killer coat for fall/winter It’s always a bit humorous to me when leopard print comes back “in” for a season, as, at least in my wardrobe, it has never been “out.” in the wise words of the ever-sage, ever-leopard-wearing Jenna Lyons, “as far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.

(all images via pinterest)


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