black friday

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black friday
this is as close as I’ll get to participating in the black friday hoopla. except my current version is black yoga pants and a black sweater. claaaassy. if you are one of the mad hatters who braved the cold and the crowds for the sales, kudos to you. however, I feel that I’m the real winner here because madewell has 25% off everything online and free shipping . so that’s really all there is. and guess what, i’m totally buying something black. hope your thanksgiving was relaxing and filled with time with those you love; mine certainly was. we have so much to be grateful for every single moment of every day, so it’s always extra sweet to take a day to really acknowledge and appreciate that fact (over sweet potatoes, duh). but it’s also a great reminder to take a moment every day and remember those things, too. so i’ll be here, in all black, being thankful, buying madewell. and it’s officially officially the christmas season. rejoice – bring out the twinkle lights and the starbucks holiday cups and the cheesy NSYNC christmas tunes! happy weekend!

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