spaces: black + white

white and black interiors
 + all images via Pinterest +
as a college student, living in a less-than-stellar little rental house with a zillion other roommates can be a bit of a bummer sometimes. my interior design and style aesthetic doesn’t quiiiite line up with the average shabby, cutesy (or simply apathetic) style that’s prevalent with a lot of gals my age. my actual house currently consists of a bunch of mismatched furniture and, my personal favorite, some ginormous posters of beyonce, kanye, and jay-z (I have deemed them the trinity) up in the living room. it’s been a nice lesson in accepting others’ style and making sacrifices as a roommate, but I sure can’t wait to have a place of my own to decorate as I please. until then, I’ll be dreamin’ of sleek and chic spaces such as these. while I love some eclectic color in a space, I’ve been feeling these white walled spaces with black and neutral accents as of late. a little gallery wall, a pop of copper on a fixture, and you’re good to go.

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