madewell monday

madewell monday
       + click below for items, all by Madewell + 
so it’s Monday. and I love Madewell. so there we go? season after season, Madewell’s classics with a fresh twist are a hit; they make me feel all of the good happy fashion feelings. this season is no exception. here are some of my current favorites pieced together for a look that’s perfectly Mondayish. I’m all about some flannel caps these days (got a great, less expensive alternative at Target!), and now that the weather’s finally fit for sweaters around these parts, this grey number paired with black skinnies and killer boots is perfect for all of the Monday activities. and THAT bag. oh my. a cure for the Mondays, that’s what it is. not that I can afford any of this. broke college gals can dream, huh? and make Christmas lists. oh, we can make Christmas lists. Dear Santa, gimme all the Madewell! wishing you a happy week + lots of Madewell dreams yourselves.
love + Jane

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