a blog + an introduction

etc., life, style

Seeing as I’m Jane and this is my blog, I suppose I should indulge in some personal facts! Which may or may not be interesting. But I’ll try. Here’s a bit about me..

I’m a natural born observer; I notice anything and everything around me. I try extra hard to focus on the positive and to celebrate even the smallest of life’s gifts.

I drink an absurd amount of coffee and spend a ridiculous amount of time in coffee shops, not only for the coffee but for the people watching as well.

Did someone say people watching? Yep. Don’t mind me, just over here watching these strangers. And loving it. Probably too much. My observational tendencies find their happy place in coffee shops as aforementioned, as well as really any place where people gather. The words and nuances behaviors of people just fascinate me. I love seeing what they wear and what they do and how they do it. I fall in love with strangers a lot. It’s a bit of a problem.

I am passionate about breakfast. I never was the “morning person” until I discovered that mornings mean breakfast. From my favorite plain Cheerio’s + coffee, to pancakes and bacon and omelets and bagels, there really is no time like the mornin’ time. If ya really want to woo me or be my best friend, ask me on a breakfast date.

My immense fascination with ballerinas is only rivaled by my love of skateboarders. My style collides somewhere in between the two. As a broke college student, I’m quite the accomplished Target + bargain hunter.

Like any respectable young American, I spend much too much time online. Pinterest, blogs, shopping, etc. I like to justify this by saying I’m getting “inspired”, though how Netflix inspires me I can’t really say…

I love to travel, especially if it involves roadtripping for good, live music.

I enjoy interior design, reading, dancing in parking lots + the aisles of grocery stores, and the occasional hike.

I own an inordinate number of scarves. And I love to wear them in the summer. Summer scarf haters, get outta here!

I’m a 75 year old woman trapped in a twenty year old’s body. Oldies music + farmer’s markets? Swoooon. Early bedtime and a cup of tea, please.

I’m super indecisive, occasionally anxious, and often not satisfied. When I begin to dream about the “bigger and better” places in the world and wonder what I’m doing in Mississippi, I remind myself that God’s plan for me is unquestionably better than any plan I have of my own. I am learning daily to be content where I am, knowing God has me exactly where I need to be.

love + Jane


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